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Our names are Rocky and Alisha Mobley. We have two children...Taia and Tyler. The four of us have worked together to create the beginnings of Shaeward Boxers. We're all very pleased with what we're seeing and excited to learn what's yet to come.

Tyson - 6 y/o
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We brought our first Boxer home in '98. Although Rocky had some experience with Boxers, Tyson was the first for me and the kids. This Boxer boy quickly taught us that an untrained Boxer can be a pain to live with!


Tyson and I started obedience classes when he was eight months old. We all were amazed at how fast he picked up on everything. Tyson and I easily sailed through basic and later we returned for intermediate work. Our family has since had the pleasure to share our home with several other Boxers. All completed at least basic obedience with three earning CGC certificates.

Buck - 19 months
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Buck was our first dog we tried tracking work with. He was started in basic ob when he was just under 3 months old and shortly after completing the course, we started training him to track. Buck was learning quickly but unfortuneately, the area we were using to train became unavailable. This forced the training to come to an end much too soon.

Our family is just starting to venture into the dog show world. It wasn't long after bringing Tyson home we started our research on breeding and showing Boxers. After a few years of researching, we felt we were ready to start looking for a puppy. Little did we know finding that perfect puppy to start with wasn't going to be easy!


We started the search for our first breeding/show prospect in '00. After many, many months of searching, a friend pointed us in the direction of the British Boxer. It was love at first site! After a few months of trying to gain more information on our own, we finally received the help we needed when we were put in contact with Kti Jensen. With Kti's help and another year of waiting, Shaeward Boxers was officially started with a little red puppy named Ruby Tu...

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