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Informational Sites

American Boxer Club

Boxer Underground

Recommended Health Screening for Boxers

Developing High Achievers

A Guide to Judging the Boxer

Coat Color Inheritance

World Pedigrees

What is a Breeder?

How to Decipher Purebred Web Sites

Reputable Breeder - What's the Difference?

Boxer Rescue and Breeder Locator: US, Canada and Europe

Animal Shelters By State

Central Indiana Boxer Rescue

Boxer Rescue

Natural Rearing

Holistic Care

Raw Diet Information

Raw Feeding (with photos)

Top 50 FAQ on Feeding Raw

Vaccination Information

Duration of Immunity

Take The Titer Test

Articles by Wendy Volhard (raw feeding and vaccinations)

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Why is Cancer Killing Our Pets?

What's Really in Pet Food?

Learning to Read Dog Food Labels

First Aid For Bloat

A Pet Owner's Guide to Dental Care

Clinical Signs of Hypothyroidism

Early Spay/ it safe?

How to Dremel Dog Nails (link is on menu to the left)

Training Articles by Suzanne Clothier

How To Tape Natural Ears

Acepromazine Warning

Custom Made Holter Vests

Boxer Discussion Groups

The Showboxer-Forum

ShowBoxer Mailing List

Boxer Crazy

Boxers Rule

Boxer Mailing List

Boxer-Friends Mail List

Boxer Friends

Global Boxers

Tartarian Boxers

Tienlung Boxers

Soleil Boxers

Lemko Boxers

Newcastle Boxers

Samtschnauzen Boxers

Timbavati Boxers

Wilky Boxers

Burning River Boxers

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