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Breeding is not something to be taken lightly. The purpose of a dog-breeding program should be to maintain the breed of dog one has chosen. We strive to produce Boxers that fit the Boxer standard as closely as possible, we feel by doing this we are helping to maintain our breed of choice.
For us, health, structure and temperament are all taken into consideration when planning a litter. We do not feel any one area is more important than the other.
Health screening is a wonderful tool that no breeder should go without. All of our breeding dogs are appropriately health screened before breeding with the results posted to each dog's web page. Screening the health of our breeding stock helps us to make informed decisions for our program.
We often hear health and temperament are most seems many don't realize structure can affect both. Poor structure that results in limitations for the dog will lower the dog's quality of life, which can have a negative impact on health and temperament. In our opinion, this reason alone is enough to consider structure just as important as health and temperament.
Competing with our dogs in conformation events allows us to gain outside opinions on our dogs' structure and, to a lesser extent, temperament. Just as with the results from health screening, feedback we receive plays a role in the decisions we make for our program.
Obedience training allows us to evaluate trainability and temperament. We believe any dog can be trained but the level of training the dog can achieve and how long it takes the dog to reach that level, says a lot about trainability and temperament (provided the trainer is a knowledgeable one). The information we gain through obedience training helps us to make better breeding decisions.
We feel if our program is lacking in any of these areas it will fail...if we want to succeed, we feel all three of these areas must be kept in balance to one another.

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