Indoor Fun For Your Dog - Part 1

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In the world of dog, the sun is shining every day. The bunnies and other cuddly creatures are always up for a big game of chase. And the temperature is always perfect. Unfortunately we live in the real world with our pets and have to deal with real weather. Some days out of the year your dog must be inside, due to temperature or severe weather.
What kind of fun can you and your dog have in bad weather? Bring the games you play outside into the house! Any room in your house can be a perfect doggy playground. A big spacious room is ideal but dogs can have fun anywhere.
While playing games inside be sure to consider your dogs age and stage of development. Puppies need a different kind of exercise. And senior dogs can not play like puppies. Older dogs may enjoy being lazy inside on a rainy day but a little exercise indoors will lead to a longer life.
Indoor Play
There are many games you can play with your dog. Even in a tiny apartment your dog can be kept busy.
• Hide and Seek – This game is easy.  Just hide a favorite dog toy and let your dog use its senses to find it.  If the toy gets old just hide yourself and let the dog find you. Be sure to set up obstacles for your dog to practice problem solving.
• Hide the Toy – This game is simple. Get your dog interested in a toy. Ask you dog to sit and stay. Run to hide the toy and let your dog go find it.
• Other hiding games can include food. Finding food is way more fun than that smelly old toy.
•  The Dog Version of the Shell Game – In this game you take 2 or 3 unbreakable cans or cups. They should be solid so the dog can not see through them. Pick a little treat and hide it under one of the cups. With the dog watching switch the cups around and allow your dog to check under the cups.
•Tug of War – This is the most fun of all games. Some people think this leads to aggressive behavior or becoming possessive of toys. Take a big toy or a piece of strong rope. Offer one end to your dog and you pull on the other end. As long as you are interested in the game your dog will want to play.
There are still other games you can play with your furry friend when the weather is bad outside. The second part of this article will focus on playing inside for education as well as fun.
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