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Here at Shaeward we take puppy raising very seriously. We want our puppies to have the best start at life as possible...we do our best to give them just that.
Puppies are raised in our home right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of daily life. We follow the "Developing High Achievers" and the "Rules of Sevens" programs with our puppies. At seven weeks we do aptitude testing to get an idea of the expected temperament for each puppy. As they age they are introduced to car rides, visiting pet friendly areas, walking on leash, a few basic commands, crate training, house training, etc. We continue with all training and socializing as long as the puppy is in our home and strongly encourage new owners do the same.
We keep puppies until 12 weeks of age. We're not comfortable allowing a puppy to change homes before the first fear imprint period has passed at around the 11th week. 
*All pet puppies are sold on s/n contracts with limited registrations. Registration papers are withheld until proof of s/n has been provided.*

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